We have appeared on local and national TV; such as Inside Edition. We have been in local newspapers and in The New York Times. CAT Eyes had a 2 page spread in the March ‘03 issue of The Police Chief, the official magazine of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

The training educates people on the indicators of terrorism not race or religion. It is so effective at diffusing racism that the Arab-American Institute has written us a letter of endorsement.

CAT Eyes is the nickname for the overall program that educates the average citizen in terrorist indicators and how to properly report those indicators. The Company that educates the public is the Community Anti-terrorism Training Institute aka CAT Eyes. The course itself is the Community Anti-terrorism training Initiative . Our Instructors are Community Anti-terrorism Training Instructors and our graduates of the course are Community Anti-terrorism Trained Individuals…CAT Eyes. Please become a CAT Eye Person and start helping the nation watch for Terrorism.

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