CAT Eyes is a nationwide program developed to educate and empower American citizens in order to defend America against terrorism and help eliminate racism and prejudice.

CAT Eyes aims to increase public awareness of terrorism through a passive Anti-Terrorism program. CAT Eyes believes that every American citizen should be taught the indicators of terrorism so that they may properly identify suspicious activities. We believe that it is wrong to profile someone as a terrorist based on their race or religion.

Every American citizen should be given an opportunity to train with CAT Eyes in order to defend their communities, their workplaces and their homes. CAT Eyes provides affordable training, including a Train the Trainer program, corporate training and web based learning.

CAT Eyes was founded in November of 2001 in response to the 9-11 attacks. Our mission is the development and distribution of the Community Anti-terrorism Training Initiative, known as the C.A.T. Eyes Program, to the citizens of the United States. Immediately after the attacks of September 11, CAT Eyes contacted the Burlington County Sheriffs Office in NJ to roll out the first program. The C.A.T. Eyes Program is an initiative to educate citizens in the civilian community to be effective in detecting potential terrorist activities. CAT Eyes gives US citizens a program that will empower them to fight back against terrorism. CAT Eyes specializes in industry specific anti-terrorism training, web based training programs and anti-terrorism security assessments.

“Protecting America With Pride, Not Prejudice.”